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The internet is awash with free stuff and paid resources. These are some of the best.

Gill Andrews Copywriter and Web Consultant

Gill Andrews is a content creator and web consultant who turns under performing small business websites into slick lead generating machines.

Gill Andrews

Gill’s website contains many resources that help you write clear and concise copy for your website.

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Conversion Rate Experts Free Audio Book

They deal with big business but much of their advice is of real value to a small business too.

We’ve just created an audiobook version of our best-selling book. And as an experiment, we’ve decided to give it away as a free podcast…

…the Making Websites Win podcast contains techniques that could transform your website, your business, and your career.

The Conversion Rate Experts

Free Audio Book

Make Your Words Sell

This free PDF looks dated, I think it’s 20 years old. But every page contains a gem of information that every website owner should know.

Read this free book. Combine the SWAT (so what) technique with the advice in Gill Andrews free guide (above). And you’ll be way ahead of the game.

This book was written by Joe Robson and Ken Evoy.

Ken explains it better than I can…

MYWS! is loaded with original and powerful concepts. But here’s my favorite, the guts of the entire book…

Its original SWAT?-it-to-death method guarantees that your copy will sell. “SWAT?” virtually forces you to pull the strongest sales-getting benefits out of your product and onto your visitor’s monitor. Study and use it… because if you do, your sales copy will almost write itself.

P.S. Don’t even begin to think in your head… “I’m not a writer.” Hemingway was a writer. You don’t need to be — better if you’re not! MYWS! does not turn you into a writer… just an effective e-persuader

Ken Evoy

Download link for Make Your Words Sell free PDF e-book.

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